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Self-collection options, such as “Click and Collect” increasingly gain recognition as a convenient method for B2C E-Commerce delivery among online shoppers worldwide. Meanwhile, free delivery remains a key incentive in online purchases.

While around the globe online shoppers continue to express strong preference for free delivery offerings during online purchases, self-collection methods are also gaining importance. For instance, in 2014, over 30% of young shoppers in the USA regarded “Click and Collect” as a valuable service for the future, while in the BRIC countries the percentages were even higher, especially in China where such future demand was expressed by over half of the young population. In Europe, UK led in the popularity of “Click and Collect”, and Germany was ahead of other major markets in B2C E-Commerce delivery to parcel lockers in early 2015. Approximately half of online shoppers in Germany used this method, compared to below 10% in the UK and France. The trend is also visible in countries with less developed infrastructure and a high proportion of rural population, such as India, where throughout this year online merchants and delivery companies have been investing in fulfillment centers and extending their partnership networks to be able to offer self-pick up as an alternative to home delivery.

At the same time, global online shoppers’ desires continue to be predominantly focused on free delivery, deemed as the most important factor in online shopping by the majority of them. Across selected market surveyed worldwide in Q1 2015, more than three quarters of respondents said they would buy more if free delivery was offered. In Asia, almost 50% of online shoppers surveyed in late 2014 admitted that they would add more items to cart in order to qualify for free shipping.

The rising popularity of alternative delivery methods and strong preference of online shoppers towards free delivery are among the key findings of our report “Global B2C E-Commerce Delivery 2015”. See more details on this report here and the related infographics here.

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