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Amazon remains ahead of competition in global B2C E-Commerce, according to the yStats.com research

According to a new report by Germany-based yStats.com, U.S.-based and China-based companies lead in worldwide B2C E-Commerce. In the publication, titled “Top Players in Global B2C E-Commerce Market 2016”, the secondary market research company presents rankings of online retailers, marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in 50 countries across all global regions.

The global growth of B2C E-Commerce attracts online pure-play retailers, multichannel merchants and marketplace operators who compete for a share of online shoppers’ spending. Despite fierce competition, Amazon.com remains the global leader of online retail, with an 8% share of global B2C E-Commerce product sales in 2015, according to the yStats.com research. Amazon’s global revenues of nearly USD 80 billion outstrip the sales of China-based JD.com, who ranked second, by a factor of three. Overall, the global top five features two U.S.-based and two China-based companies and one company from Europe. Combined, they accounted for 14% of global online retail sales in 2015.


Besides online and store-based retailers, online marketplaces are also popular online shopping destinations. In fact, a 2015 survey cited in the yStats.com report showed that on a global average, online consumers were more likely to purchase from marketplaces than from retailers’ websites, to the advantage of marketplace operators such as eBay, Alibaba and Rakuten. Another market trend that the largest global E-Commerce companies benefit from is the rise of cross-border online retail. In search for better deals and a wider product range, online shoppers worldwide increasingly explore out-of-country offerings, driving up the website traffic of Aliexpress.com, eBay.com and Amazon.com.

Nevertheless, the position of local and regional players is also strong in many markets. For example, in India, Flipkart and Snapdeal are the major rivals of Amazon; in Poland, Allegro has a solid two-digit market share; and in the Middle East, Souq.com is the definitive leader of online retail in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. More regional and country insights are disclosed in the yStats.com report.