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Mobile Commerce plays a significant role for B2C E-Commerce development in Poland

Poland E-Commerce performance is still lower than the EU average.

Poland belongs to emerging E-Commerce markets, however ranks ahead of Turkey and Russia in terms of online retail penetration. On the other hand, in comparison to the EU countries, Internet and online shopper penetration rates are below the average. This indicates the potential for further growth, signaled by a strong double-digit growth in sales and the uptake of M-Commerce, which is becoming increasingly popular in the country.

M-Commerce is the strongest online retail trend in the E-Commerce market in Poland.

Mobile usage for online shopping is growing faster than other devices used to connect to the Web. More than half of online shoppers made their purchases via smartphones in 2018, with a double-digit percentage indicating plans to increase their mobile spending in the future. M-Commerce in Poland is driven by the young tech-savvy population, with almost eight in ten online shoppers aged from 15 to 24 making purchases via smartphones. Moreover, smartphones are also used by online shoppers for product research, in-store availability and price check before making an offline purchase. Furthermore, mobile payment services such as BLIK, IKO, PeoPay and Google Pay are also increasing in popularity among digital consumers.

Mobile shoppers face reticent preparation of Polish online merchants for M-Commerce

At the same time, some E-Commerce merchants in Poland are not ready to meet the expectations of their customers. The main problem for mobile shoppers, which E-Commerce merchants should resolve, is that many websites are not adjusted to shopping via mobile devices. Potential consumers also dislike the inconvenience of filling out multiple forms during the purchasing process. The absence of the mobile shopping application of the desired shop was one more essential problem for the digital buyers in 2018. Despite increasing popularity of mobile payment services, more than a quarter of mobile shoppers still have problems making payments via smartphones.

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