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Subscription and recurring Payments in Europe 2021

Both globally, and in Europe specifically, “Boxes”, “Video”, and “Multiservice subscriptions” were the top three categories for consumers to have a subscription in 2020 and in 2021 and were expected to remain the leaders in 2025.


Additionally, while in Europe the ranking was expected to stay the same in 2025, among the global consumers, “Multiservice subscriptions” were forecasted to outpace “Video”. Additionally, in France, “Boxes” appeared to be the top subscriptions product category in 2021, and by 2025, it was predicted to remain the same.

Furthermore, in the United Kingdom, around 20% of the new “Box” subscribers chose this option because they were not able to visit physical store. Moreover, for businesses in in 2021, the fact that even a higher share did so because they simply enjoy the subscription model must be revealing.

All in all, globally, absolute figures of the subscriptions market sales values were set to grow significantly in the near future. Despite this, when it comes to growth rates, they are expected to be less pronounces in the time span of four to five years. This is, however, something to expect, since as the market mature, they grow more slowly.