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B2C E-Commerce is projected to claim a larger share of retail market in Germany through 2020, per yStats.com report

A new publication from the Hamburg-based E-Commerce market intelligence specialist yStats.com tells of continuing growth of online retail sales in Germany. The report, “Germany B2C E-Commerce Sales Forecasts: 2016 to 2020” cites predictions from various reputable sources regarding the future of the online retail market in this country.

With nearly 50 million people making purchases over the Internet, Germany is the second largest B2C E-Commerce market in Europe and the fifth largest in the world, the new research from yStats.com reveals. Online retail sales in this country continue to grow faster than overall retail sales, resulting in an increase in the E-Commerce share of the retail market. Various sources cited in the yStats.com publication project that the online share could gain an additional 1 percentage point of total retail sales each year through 2020


Overall, German B2C E-Commerce is expected to show moderate one- to two-digit growth rates over the forecast period, outpacing the largest and most advanced online market in Europe, the UK. Some important trends revealed in the yStats.com report include the persistent expansion of M-Commerce sales and the growing popularity of online shopping clubs. The latter have especially benefited from a high online demand for clothing and accessories, the bestselling B2C E-Commerce product category in the country. The top three online shops in Germany are Amazon, Otto.de and Zalando, each with sales of over EUR 1 billion in 2015.