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Free Report of yStats.com Offers Exclusive Overview of Global B2C E-Commerce & Online Payment Markets

Hamburg-based market intelligence company yStats.com has announced a free report on global online payments and B2C E-Commerce trends. The report, titled Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment Developments 2015 offers readers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with yStats.com’s unique market report structure and emphasizes the breadth of countries and global regions covered in market reports, ranging from coverage of global B2C E-Commerce market giants like the USA and China to emerging markets, like Mexico and Turkey.

Of significant import to this report is the incorporation of both a general and specialized methodology. Each report yStats.com compiles is based on yStats.com’s carefully structured secondary research-based approach to data synthesis, which draws heavily from some of the world’s most highly reputed sources – see the notes at the bottom of each page for yourself! By using a multitude of reputable sources, yStats.com ensures maximum objectivity for all data obtained. As a result, companies gain a precise, up-to-date and unbiased impression of the market situation.

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This report is a sampling from many of our reports, touching on a score of subtopics relating to Online Retail and Payment markets for multiple countries and regions, including comparisons regarding shopper penetration and behaviors, online payment preferences, delivery methods and more! Among subtopics, this report highlights some of the most prominent trends in B2C E-Commerce markets around the world, including, but not limited to cross-border online shopping, M-Commerce, and mobile subscriptions.

Boardroom ready reports have been yStats.com’s specialty for the past ten years. This report, among all other reports, can be downloaded in both PowerPoint and PDF formats, providing business executives the efficiency of a ready-to-go presentation, along with the flexibility to customize and edit the presentation to suit one’s business needs.