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M-Commerce continues expansion in Europe

A new report released by Germany-based secondary market research company yStats.com, “Europe M-Commerce 2018,” reveals that over a third of online retail sales in this region were generated via mobile devices. The report summarizes market data on M-Commerce trends in more than 15 European countries.

M-Commerce sales show positive dynamics.

More than one-third of E-Commerce sales in Europe were generated on a mobile device in 2017 and the share is expected to grow by around 2 percentage points by 2021, according to a survey cited in the new report by yStats.com. The main driver of the continued growth is an increasing number of shopping apps and mobile-adjusted websites on the one hand and a growing number of smartphone and mobile Internet user connections on the other. Across advanced and emerging markets of this region over half of the online shoppers stated that they are M-Commerce shoppers.

The growth rate of smartphone use for shopping surpasses that of other devices.

Among the key trends regarding M-Commerce in the European region is the growing popularity of smartphones for shopping. The smartphone shopper penetration rate is growing faster than that of other devices used by online shoppers in France and Poland, according to estimates included in yStats.com’s publication. In Germany, smartphone became the only device with an increased rate of usage for online shopping in 2017. However, according to German smartphone shoppers, some barriers to mobile shopping still exist; among them are poor internet connections and problems with the payment process. In terms of players, Amazon was among the main M-Commerce destination in some advanced markets, such as Germany and France.