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yStats.com: B2C E-Commerce Market Growing Fast in Pakistan

A new report from yStats.com, Germany-based secondary market research firm, highlights the rapid growth of the Pakistani B2C E-Commerce market. The report, entitled “Pakistan B2C E-Commerce Market 2019”, reveals, that despite being still in the early stages of development, there is a great potential for E-Commerce in Pakistan.

Pakistani B2C E-Commerce Market Develops

Over 2018, the Pakistani B2C E-Commerce market has grown two-fold by sales values. Increased Internet penetration and mobile device usage is propping up the market, with an estimated increase of over three-quarters the current size by 2020, in regards to figures mentioned in the yStats.com report. Considering this growth, the B2C E-Commerce market currently makes up a small share of overall retail sales.

Internet becomes more prevalent

Internet penetration has almost doubled in Pakistan between 2010 and 2017. Although the share of people using the Internet is still below the average of other Asian countries, the large population of the country compensates. Internet education remains a problem in the country, as many non-internet users have said they do not access the Internet because they do not know what it is. Nevertheless, according to a statistic cited in the yStats.com report, over a quarter of Internet users are already shopping online.

Mobile devices on the rise

Notwithstanding desktop holding as the main mode of accessing the Internet, mobile user penetration is on the rise. A number quoted in the yStats.com report shows that half the population of Pakistan is expected to have mobile devices by 2025, driving the potential for the rise of mobile shopping.