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yStats.com publishes a comprehensive profile of Android Pay

Android Pay Profile 2017” from Germany-based secondary market research firm yStats.com provides a comprehensive overview of Google’s mobile wallet service. The service’s main features and coverage are summarized and data related to its usage in the USA is cited.

Android Pay was initially launched in the USA in September 2015 and expanded to 8 further markets during 2016. A detailed list of markets covered as of December 2016 is available in the new publication from yStats.com, along with facts about Google’s mobile wallet and a digest of strategic news, which highlight some recent partnerships and new feature launches.


Android Pay users can add eligible credit, debit and prepaid cards from participating issuers to the mobile wallet and use it to make payments via their mobile phones in-store, in mobile applications and in mobile browser. Customer surveys synthesized in the profile from yStats.com reveal that credit card is the most popular payment method among Android Pay users. A comparison of the three major wallets cited in the publication shows that Android Pay outperformed Samsung Pay in terms of U.S. in-store payment volume in 2016, but lagged behind Apple Pay.