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yStats.com’s report: Online shoppers in Asia-Pacific value free shipping

In a new market report by yStats.com, “Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Delivery 2015”, the secondary market research specialist highlights some important trends in online delivery. Among the report’s findings is that close to half of online shoppers in this booming region would buy more items to qualify for free shipping. Furthermore, the report reveals that online merchants in Asia-Pacific are investing in offering faster and more convenient delivery options.

In the fast growing B2C E-Commerce market in Asia-Pacific, close to half of online shoppers admitted in a survey last year they would buy more items from an online store in order to qualify for free shipping. In Japan, a medium-high double-digit share of online shoppers were willing to wait longer for free delivery and in Singapore more than two thirds of online shoppers believed free shipping to be a critical factor in their purchase decision.

Infographic Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Delivery 2015 by yStats.com

Furthermore, the report by yStats.com reveals that delivery speed also matters. In China, the region’s largest market, online shoppers put delivery speed over delivery costs in a ranking of main considerations when buying online. In South Korea, approximately a quarter of online shoppers complained about slow delivery after purchase last year, while in Vietnam this share was above 50%. Moreover, India ranked the highest worldwide in terms of online shoppers willing to pay extra for faster shipping, as of early 2015.

Online retailers across Asia-Pacific are making efforts to offer faster and more convenient delivery options, according to yStats.com’s findings. In Japan, for example, over one-fifth of online shoppers already used same day delivery by the start of 2015 and a further one-third expressed willingness to use it in the future. The country’s largest E-Commerce platform operator, Rakuten, cooperated with delivery providers and store operators to offer pick-up service from stores and delivery stations. Chinese E-Commerce giants JD.com and Alibaba are both expanding their capabilities to cover larger areas of the country with same day delivery service.