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ecommerce market in southeast asia

Technological developments and M-Commerce to propel Southeast Asian B2C E-Commerce to a global center stage

Though widely recognized for small-scale, emerging B2C E-Commerce, Southeast Asia is forecasted to experience robust, double-digit growth rates over the next several years. What’s more, this region is also expected to see a double-digit percentage increase in its share of global B2C E-Commerce sales by 2021. Boosted through developments in…
ecommerce sales forecast in the uk

Varying preferences of online payment methods found within Europe’s emerging markets

Alternative online payment methods are increasingly in demand as the worldwide E-Commerce market grows. Across the globe, online retailers offer a variety of online payment methods such as bank card, direct bank transfers, E-wallets such as PayPal, cash on delivery, invoicing, and much more. When looked at individually, E-wallets make…