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Some largest advanced markets in global B2C E-Commerce market, such as the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Japan and South Korea, have been enjoying solid growth rates in online retail sales in the past years. As online shopper penetration in these countries reaches a high double-digit share of Internet users and the markets begin to mature, will their B2C E-Commerce growth pace decline?

In many cases, some major primary sources tend to draw such a conclusion. For example, in France, the increasing number of purchases per online shopper and falling average purchase value are considered as signs of maturity. Still, the B2C E-Commerce growth rate is predicted to remain in the low double-digit or high one-digit range in the abovementioned countries. Of the advanced markets in Europe, Germany is expected to show the fastest growth, while the UK is forecasted to maintain its leadership in terms of online share of total retail sales, just like South Korea in Asia. As for the USA, even though it is predicted to lose around 2 percentage points in its share of global online retail, it is still the world’s leader in pure B2C E-Commerce sales, when not considering China’s C2C E-Commerce component.

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