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With the launch of our new website earlier this year, we introduced a brand new design, complete with new graphics, a new logo, new features, and new offerings. In the spotlight today is our interactive B2C E-Commerce World Map, which we are very pleased to have introduced to the world – and our clients are simply raving about it!

The B2C E-Commerce World Map is a clickable map interface, of which currently 60 countries can be selected. Curious browsers immediately receive fast-facts about B2C E-Commerce in each country they click on, including information pertaining to B2C E-Commerce sales, online shopper penetration, and Internet penetration. In addition, we even offer a quick Did you know…? fact about important trends or market characteristics of the selected nation. For example, see our information about China, here.

Our B2C E-Commerce World Map has changed the way both first-time website visitors and veteran yStats.com clients search for relevant reports, while gaining quick market insights along the way. For those who frequently turn to yStats.com market reports for continued market research insights, the B2C E-Commerce map is a fast, interactive way to stay up-to-date with country-specific market characteristics, trends, and more. But our interactive B2C E-Commerce World Map is also a great first stop for website visitors who aren’t familiar with our market report offerings or the amount of coverage yStats.com maintains in its market report production, as it offers current market insights and suggests recently published related reports, all in a user-friendly, interactive format.

Move over standard search bar! One of our B2C E-Commerce World Map’s other great attributes is its ability to point visitors in the right direction when seeking relevant country-specific reports. Each clickable country suggests two recently published related reports, based on the country selection. Without having to navigate through any search criteria, visitors are linked directly to the report in question where they can view the table of contents, download the Product Brochure, and gain further, detailed information about the report itself.

Haven’t seen our B2C E-Commerce World Map yet? Try it for yourself here!

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