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The USA and China have the largest sales in the B2C E-Commerce worldwide market. In past years, the USA outpaced China in online retail sales and was the top contender, but as the USA reaches maturity, its share of the global market is predicted to decrease by a few percentage points by 2020 and remain in second place. Furthermore, China now holds the number one spot by maintaining close to half of global B2C and C2C E-Commerce sales in 2016, with predictions of small double digit growth by 2020.

In both countries, M-Commerce holds an important share of sales. In the USA, the share of total online retail sales is predicted to grow by a few percentage points by 2020, making up about half of total online retail sales. Whereas in China, M-Commerce comprised around half of all retail E-Commerce sales in 2015, and this number could grow to cover as much as two-thirds by 2020.

Online shopper and internet penetration can account for some of the differences between China and the USA. Where there were was increased online shopper and internet penetration from 2015 to 2016 in both countries, China’s number of online shoppers nearly triples the amount found in the USA, which could be due to China’s significantly larger population despite the lower Internet and online shopper penetration rates.

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