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While B2C E-Commerce sales growth is a common trend worldwide, a group of countries stands out in terms of current and potential growth rates. These are the emerging markets, the most prominent of them in terms of market size being China and Russia.

China is without a doubt the faster growing of the two, and for that matter the fastest growing in the top 10 overall. This country’s share of the global B2C E-Commerce market is predicted to grow to more than 40% in the next few years, whereas the share of the other leading countries will decline. Some major primary sources expect that online retail sales in China, including B2C and C2C and excluding travel will soon top the 1 trillion mark in US dollars.

As for Russia, it ranks second after China in terms of expected B2C E-Commerce growth among the top markets. Though its share of global online retail sales worldwide is predicted to stay almost unchanged, losing only 0.1 percentage points, the sales growth rate of B2C E-Commerce in Russia is forecasted to stay ahead of the +20% mark or at least in the double-digit range by the majority of primary sources, despite the current economic downturn.

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