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The Italian Online Gambling Market is Increasing in Popularity

Gambling in Italy is Big Business

Historically, the Italian gambling industry has been a big player within Europe. Since the emergence of online gambling, this part of Italy’s gambling market has turned into a billion dollar industry. Between 2013 and 2017, expenditure in regulated online gambling has nearly doubled. With that being said, online gambling only accounts for a fraction of overall gambling in Italy, according to a statistic cited in a yStats.com report.

A Now Regulated Market

Regulation has helped create a large white market for online gambling in Italy and has positively influenced the overall gambling market. Since 2014, the regulated online gambling market in Italy has seen rapid growth.

Platform usage for gambling

Desktop remains the most used online gambling platform in Italy, but mobile has become a fast growing competitor. Representing over a quarter of total expenditure in the online gambling market, mobile has come emerged as a rival platform for online gambling in Italy. Between 2016 and 2017, expenditure in mobile has increased two-fold, driven by growth in sports betting and casino games on mobile. To break down these two areas, Pokerstars holds nearly a tenth of the Italian online casino market and planetwin365 leads in online sports betting, in addition to holding the seat as the overall online gambling market leader.

The strength of the Italian online gambling market, driven by regulation and alternative platforms, has endured persistent growth and, as an outlook into the coming years, should continue this positive trend.

More information on this market can be found in the report “Europe Online Gambling Market 2019” by yStats.com