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Cross-Border Online Shopping Flourishes Across Europe

A new report “Europe Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2015”, published by Hamburg-based secondary market research firm yStats.com, sheds light on the cross-border trend in European B2C E-Commerce. The report finds that cross-border online retail trade is more intense between countries within the EU than between EU and non-EU member states.

The cross-border online shopping trend is growing around the world and Europe is no exception. The region’s share of global cross-border online retail sales is predicted to amount to one quarter within the next ten years. The share of online shoppers making purchases directly from foreign online retailers differs from country to country within Europe. Among the largest markets, Italy, Spain, Russia and the UK led in penetration of online shoppers making cross-border purchases at least once a year, as of early 2015. Of all the countries in the EU, small markets such as Cyprus, Malta and Luxembourg boasted the highest cross-border online shopper penetration last year. Generally, the share of online shoppers in the EU buying online from other EU member states was higher than the share of those buying from the rest of the world.

Infographic_Europe Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2015

The largest B2C E-Commerce markets in Western Europe, the UK and Germany, are attractive destinations for cross-border online shoppers around the world. More than a quarter of all orders dispatched from online merchants in the UK were shipped internationally last summer, and in Germany over half of online merchants were selling to more than one country internationally. Italy and Spain saw their cross-border E-Commerce exports increase as well, though they were still outweighed by imports.

In Eastern Europe, cross-border online retail sales to Russia more than doubled in 2014. Chinese E-Commerce marketplace AliExpress significantly gained in popularity among Russian online shoppers and another China-based player, JD.com launched a Russian-language version of its website to gain a share of tens of millions of online orders shipped from China to Russia every year. In Poland, as well, AliExpress ranked in the top 3 overseas E-Commerce websites used by online shoppers, behind eBay and Amazon. Overall, the cross-border E-Commerce trend is expected to persist in all European sub-regions in the near future.