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Online shopping preferences in Europe reveal a significant increase in social media purchases in the region

The latest publication from the Hamburg-based market research company, yStats.com, titled “Europe Omnichannel Commerce Trends 2023,” delves into the evolving consumer landscape, providing valuable insights into the evolving omnichannel retail market across the global and European markets. Noteworthy trends include the surge in virtual shopping, social shopping, and an increasing demand for personalized omnichannel shopping experiences.

The surge in M-Commerce, social shopping, and personalization shapes European consumer preferences in 2023

The current landscape of omnichannel retail is marked by a notable shift towards brick-and-mortar and a global expansion of omnichannel shopping. Trends such as virtual shopping, social shopping, and an escalating demand for personalized omnichannel shopping experiences are shaping the retail industry.

In 2023, the report discloses that the landscape of retail M-Commerce sales indicates a significant increase, constituting more than 40% of total retail E-Commerce sales. A remarkable share of M-Commerce sales is now conducted through smartphones, emphasizing the growing reliance on mobile platforms for online transactions.

Online shopping preferences across Europe have undergone significant changes. Over 20% of online shoppers now prefer to make purchases through social media, showcasing a marked increase from 2021. Additionally, around 1 in 5 online shoppers expressed a preference for having online orders delivered to a local store for pick-up, while an additional less than 15% opted for delivery to parcel lockers as of October 2022.

The UK anticipates click-and-collect sales surpassing EUR 50 billion by 2026

Anticipating substantial growth, the UK projects click-and-collect sales to reach over EUR 50 billion by 2026, constituting more than 18% of retail E-Commerce. In October 2022, around 14% of B2C E-Commerce shoppers in the UK opted for in-store or curbside pickup. The share of online sales in total retail sales also experienced an increase in March 2023, compared to January 2023.

Moreover, in Germany, more than 5% of online shoppers favored B2C E-Commerce orders delivered to the retailer store for pick-up in 2022. The share of online sales in total retail in Germany also increased between 2021 and 2022. Notably, Q3 2022 witnessed over 50% of German Internet users researching products and brands online.