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Samsung Pay Profile 2019


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Countries Covered: Australia, Russia, South Korea, UK, USA

Pages: 23

Publication Date: 15/03/2019

Questions Covered in the report:
How many consumers are projected to make contactless payments via Samsung Pay in 2020?
What are the main services offered by Samsung Pay and how do they vary by country?
How does Samsung Pay rank compared to other mobile wallets in the USA, South Korea and other markets?
What is Samsung Pay’s global transaction volume?

Key findings:

Samsung Pay Users to Reach a Nine-Digit Figure by 2020

Samsung Pay available in a growing number of countries

Less than four years since launch, Samsung Pay has grown its availability and user base to cover selected markets in six global regions. Latest figures cited in the yStats.com report reveal that Samsung Pay surpassed the 1-billion milestone in terms of the number of transactions and is headed towards more growth. Between 2018 and 2020, the number of Samsung Pay users worldwide is projected to nearly double, reaching a nine-digit figure. In addition to the growing user base, Samsung Pay is also expanding the range of features available to current users, which varies by country.

Growing competition challenges Samsung Pay

In South Korea, Samsung Pay was the leading mobile wallet in terms of cumulative transaction value in 2018, the yStats.com research reveals. However, in both domestic and international markets Samsung Pay faces growing competition from the increasing number of mobile payment services. In the U.S., Samsung Pay ranks behind PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay for in-store payment usage, and in Australia it is also outpaced by tap and pay solutions offered by the leading banks. In Russia, Samsung Pay is most popular among 25-34 year-olds, and in the UK more digital buyers plan to start using the service in the future.

1. Profile of Samsung Pay

  • Profile of Samsung Pay, February 2019

2. Country Coverage of Samsung Pay

  • Countries/Territories Supported by Samsung Pay, February 2019

3. Usage Statistics of Samsung Pay

  • Global: Number of Contactless Payment Users of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Other OEM Pay, in millions, 2018e & 2020f
  • USA: Mobile Payment Apps Used for Making Payments In-Store, incl. Samsung Pay, in % of In-Store Mobile Payment Users, February 2018
  • USA: Number of Proximity Mobile Payment Users, by Selected Platforms, incl. Samsung Pay, in millions, 2017 – 2022f
  • USA: Mobile Payment User Penetration, by Selected Platforms, incl. Samsung Pay, in % of Proximity Payment Users, 2017 – 2022f
  • USA: Extent to Which Smartphone Users Eligible to Use Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay Agree that Mobile Wallets Could Replace Physical Wallets, in %, February 2018
  • South Korea: Overview of Four Selected Leading Mobile Payment Services, incl. Samsung Pay, incl. Provider, Launch Date, Channels, Number of Users and Cumulative Transaction Value, 2018
  • Australia: Top Mobile Payment Services Used to Pay In-Store, incl. Samsung Pay, in % of Respondents, 2017 & 2018
  • UK: Current and Future Use of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, Compared to Debit/Credit Cards, in % of Online Shoppers, by Age Group, July 2018
  • Russia: Online Payment Services Used to Pay for Products and Services Online, incl. Samsung Pay, in % of Internet Users in Large Cities, 2017 & 2018
  • Russia: Share of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay Users, by Age Group and Total, in % of Internet Users in Large Cities, 2018
  • Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

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