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Snapshot: Europe In-Car Payment Market and Trends 2023


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Countries Covered: UK, Germany.

Pages: 39

Publication Date: 20/07/2023

Questions Covered in the Report: 

  1. What is the forecasted number of connected cars expected to be in service globally by 2027?
  2. What is the projected size of the global connected car solutions market by 2032?
  3. What is the current trend in Europe regarding in-car payments and preferred services?
  4. What concerns did surveyed drivers have about in-car payment services in Europe?
  5. What was the interest level among German drivers in using car displays for in-car payments in September 2022?

Key Findings:

In-Car payments transform European mobility, paving the way for seamless convenience on the road: new yStats.com report.

Europe’s automotive industry shifts as car owners adopt in-car payments for various services

The automotive industry is witnessing a remarkable shift as car owners across Europe increasingly embrace the convenience of in-car payments for various services. Recognizing this growing demand, car manufacturers are swiftly incorporating cutting-edge voice assistant technology to enable hassle-free ordering and payment for drive-through services, making coffee and food runs a breeze.

One area witnessing significant transformation is toll payment, where the European Electronic Toll Service is paving the way for a seamless communication system and integrating various preferred payment methods. Collaborating stakeholders throughout the value chain are making in-car payments, particularly for parking, a reality. One of Europe’s largest car park operators, Apcoa, now offers a seamless contactless parking payment service in 13 European countries, facilitating payments via the car’s infotainment screen.

Car manufacturers in Europe partner with payment companies for in-car parking payments

Car manufacturers are forging strategic partnerships with payment companies and non-traditional players like car parks and gas stations to make in-car payments an integral part of the driving experience. For instance, the collaboration between Mercedes Benz Group and Visa has resulted in the MercedesPay service, enabling in-car parking payments across 14 European countries, encompassing a staggering 80,000 parking lots. Mercedes owners in Germany can even utilize biometric authentication through a fingerprint sensor, eliminating the need for passwords and PINs.

Germany shows high interest in using car displays for in-car payments, especially for parking and refueling

A recent survey in Germany revealed the widespread interest in utilizing car displays for payment of goods and services, with 74% of respondents preferring to make in-car payments for parking and 72% for refueling or charging electric vehicles. Despite the tremendous growth of in-car commerce and payment services, respondents expressed concerns about payment security, while some of them were worried about data privacy.

As the trend towards in-car payments gains traction, car manufacturers are committed to addressing these concerns and providing secure, seamless, and user-friendly solutions for European drivers. With innovation at its core, the automotive industry is driving towards a future where in-car payments enhance the driving experience, transforming mobility in ways previously unimagined.

1. Management Summary

2. Global

  • Overview of In-Car Payment Solutions and Trends, June 2023 (1 of 4)
  • Overview of In-Car Payment Solutions and Trends, June 2023 (2 of 4)
  • Overview of In-Car Payment Solutions and Trends, June 2023 (3 of 4)
  • Overview of In-Car Payment Solutions and Trends, June 2023 (4 of 4)
  • Total Value Created By Connected Car Use Cases, in USD billion, 2020 & 2030f
  • Number of Connected Cars in Service, in millions, 2023e & 2027f
  • Share of OEMs Investing or Planning to Invest in Connected Car Services in the Next 2 Years, in %, May 2022
  • Connected Car Penetration Rate, by Countries, in %, Q4 2022
  • Connected Car Penetration Rate, in %, Q4 2022
  • Share of Motorists Who Value In-Car Integrated Parking Services & Those Who Cite In-Car Payments as a Solution to Inaccurate Parking Information, in %, May 2023
  • Share of Respondents Who Value Vehicle Centric In-Car Payments vs Those Who Want Single Sign-on Access Across Providers, in %, May 2023
  • Top Activities For Which Respondents Lean Towards In-Car Payments, in % of Respondents, May 2023
  • Share of EV Drivers Who Regarded In-Car Activations and Payments for Charging as Important Standalone Features & Share of EV Respondents Preferring Vehicles With Park and Charge Enabling Them to Locate and Pay From the Car in %, May 2023
  • Share of Respondents For Whom In-Car Payments is an Important Feature of Connected Cars, in %, Q4 2022
  • Share of Potential Users Who Believe In-Car Payment to Be Key Competitive Advantage of Manufacturers, by Selected Countries, in %, February 202


3. Europe

3.1. Regional

  • Overview of In-Car Payment Solutions and Trends, May 2023 (1 of 3)
  • Overview of In-Car Payment Solutions and Trends, May 2023 (2 of 3)
  • Overview of In-Car Payment Solutions and Trends, May 2023 (3 of 3)
  • Overview of In-Car Payment Regulatory Environment, July 2023


3.2. UK

  • Benefits of Connected Cars, in % of Respondents, March 2022


3.3. Germany

  • Top Benefits and Concerns of Connected Cars Among Respondents, in % of Respondents, March 2022
  • Share of Drivers Who Can Imagine Shopping and Paying Directly via Display in the Vehicle, in %, September 2022
  • Preferred Car Related Services For Which Drivers Are Willing to Pay Using In-Car Payments, in %, September 2022
  • Top Concerns That Respondents Who Rejected In-Car Commerce Have, in % of Respondents, September 2022
  • Level of Consumer Interest in Select Connected Car Features, in % of Respondents, 2022
  • Apcoa
  • Apple
  • BMW
  • Hyundai
  • Mastercard
  • Mercedes Benz Group
  • Parkopedia
  • Ryd
  • Skoda
  • Visa

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