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Major Report on Brazilian B2C E-Commerce Market

New stats on the Brazilian 2014 e-Commerce market have just been released.

The figures come from a new report on worldwide emerging B2C e-Commerce markets, just published by Hamburg-based market research organisation yStats.com.

Its figures show that by 2018, B2C e-Commerce in Brazil will be worth over €20 billion.

The report shows that Brazil is the 11th largest B2C e-Commerce market in the world and although it’s one of the fastest growing, it comes behind Argentina and Mexico in terms of pace of growth, both of which are both forecast significant improvements.

Brazil does have its own characteristics when it comes to online shopping, including the large share that is down to clothing. Mine down a bit deeper into the figures and it’s revealed that when it comes to online shopping for clothes, department stores are a top choice and the large number of high-end buyers who shop for luxury items only online.

Also revealed is the rise in the use of the mobile devices when shopping online. It’s reckoned that the online shopping revenue share via mobile devices is 20%.

Brazil is a country which has definitely embraced online shopping concludes the report, with almost one third of the country’s internet users choosing to buy digitally. What’s more, greatly influencing shoppers habits are social media platforms.

It was also said that online shoppers in Brazil expect free delivery and the option to pay by instalments. However, the latter trend presents a major challenge to those online retailers who try to stay competitive, but at the same time profitable.

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