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B2C global e-commerce is growing, and it presents both challenges and opportunities for the logistics sector. Today’s e-commerce market has enabled consumers to expect free (or almost free) shipping. As many e-tailers know, shipping internationally isn’t always feasible.

So, how can global merchants keep up with customer expectations and provide efficient shipping, without potentially undermining profits? We have a few ideas.

Don’t like it? Return it. For many businesses that ship internationally, free shipping is not an option. Instead, why not offer return shipping? According to Global Trade, 88 percent of online shoppers “cite free return shipping as an important factor in their purchase decisions.” Additionally, “41 percent of shoppers are more likely to place an online order if the store offers free returns, and 95 percent say they’d shop again at an online retailer if they had a positive return experience.”

Just so you know: Keeping your customers in the know about when to expect their shipment will help put their minds at ease about purchasing from an overseas e-tailer. After all, when a package is coming from halfway around the world, it’s nice to know when you can expect it.

Efficiency is key: For many global e-tailers, offering services such as overnight shipping and, in some cases, even two-day shipping, simply isn’t possible. However, if e-tailers can provide an efficient, streamlined process for their shoppers, it could be beneficial for them. According to yStats.com, “the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) rank the highest in share of online shoppers who would pay more for faster delivery.”

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