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Global Increase in Online Gambling 

yStats, a German business insights company, has released reports on recent gambling trends worldwide and reveals an increase in online gambling, as well as additional regulation in markets around the world.

The report, released this week, also showed that the majority of online gamblers are now using mobile devices rather than desktop computers to access gambling sites.

The yStats report, titled “Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2015”, reveals that Europe is the biggest online gambling market. This is a result not only of the number of people participating but of the fact that governments in this region have been keeping up with the times. Unlike the United States, where online gambling remains largely unregulated, European governments have embraced online gambling and chosen to regulate it, ensuring a safe and fair industry that can benefit all.

yStats predicts that, going forwards, the number of online gamblers will only grow, particularly with other countries starting to regulate their online gambling industries.

Within the United Kingdom, France and Spain, sports betting is the primary form of online gambling. However other European countries, such as Italy, prefer online casino games. Gambling remains illegal in some nations, including Russia, however operators and advocates are continuing to put forward the case for legal, regulated online gambling.

Three states in the US have passed online gambling regulations in the last year – Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. With New Jersey in particular showing a hefty online gambling revenue, it is expected that more states will begin to bring in their own online gambling legislation.

Another trend which is noteworthy as online gambling continues to grow is that of acquisition. Several large gaming operators have taken over popular, fast-growing gambling companies. For example, in Canada, Amaya Gaming Group has bought out the parent company of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, using their experience in the business to further grow these successful brands.

As the industry continues to grow globally, players can expect more competition among operators acting within legal constraints. This should lead to better games and an even fairer, more rewarding experience.

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