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Report: European Cross-Border Sales Surge

By 2025, cross-border transactions will account for a quarter of all European e-commerce sales, according to a new report from German market research firm yStats. While the U.K., Italy, Spain and Russia have a significant share of online shoppers that make cross-border purchases at least once a year, the countries with the highest percentage of cross-border online shoppers were smaller markets: Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta. As for countries whose merchants sold the most goods to cross-border shoppers, the report found traditional economic powers ruled.

“The largest B2C e-commerce markets in Western Europe—the U.K. and Germany—are attractive destinations for cross-border online shoppers around the world,” the report’s authors said. “More than a quarter of all orders dispatched from online merchants in the U.K. were shipped internationally last summer, and in Germany over half of online merchants were selling to more than one country internationally. Italy and Spain saw their cross-border e-commerce exports increase as well, though they were still outweighed by imports.”

Find out more: https://cardnotpresent.com/news/cnp-news-sept15/Report__European_Cross-Border_Sales_Surge_-_Sept__3,_2015/

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