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eMarketplaces, a good strategy to sell online in Latin America

Original Title in Spanish: Mercados electrónicos, una buena estrategia para vender online en América Latina

Latin America is currently seeing double-digit growth in its online market, and eMarketer predicts a turnover of 140.9 billion dollars by 2018. However there are major barriers to be overcome, such as the consumers’ distrust of online shopping.

eMarketplaces are being seen as a major alternative for breaking in to this market, as they are known and trusted by eConsumers and are leaders in online sales in the region.

This article provides some information on this market, with a breakdown for the outlook by country. We also supply examples of both B2B and B2C marketing platforms and tips for successfully accessing Latin America, from the local experts themselves.

Find out the article in English here: http://www.emarketservices.com/start/Home/Intro/prod/eMarketplaces-a-good-strategy-to-sell-online-in-Latin-America__2346.html?xz=0&cc=1&sd=1&ci=2346

Find out the article in Spanish here: http://www.emarketservices.es/icex/cda/controller/pageemarket/0,3200,1480591_1515909_1517627_4790007,00.html

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