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Germany’s online retail sales will continue to grow and form a larger portion of total retail sales, according to a new report from Hamburg-based market research company yStats.com. The publication, “Germany B2C E-Commerce Sales Forecasts: 2016 to 2020,” synthesizes several reliable primary sources in outlining future growth.

The fifth largest e-eommerce market globally, and the second largest in Europe after the UK, nearly 50 million residents of Germany make purchases online. Sources cited in the yStats.com report project that e-eommerce will gain an addition percentage point of total retail sale each year over the next five years, as annual online growth is faster than the aggregate of retail sales.

Mobile shopping is an important contributor to the growth of online retail, as is the popularity online shopping clubs. The yStats.com report also reveals that apparel and accessories is the bestselling product category in B2C Commerce, and that the most popular online shops in Germany are Amazon, Otto.de and Zalando, each with sales last year of over 1 billion Euros.

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