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New Report Says Online Gambling Growing Worldwide

The Hamburg-based business intelligence company yStats released its latest report on global online gambling trends, and the results show increasing industry growth and more regulations worldwide. The report also found that players are using their mobile devices more than ever to access gambling sites.

Breakdown by Region

The report, entitled “Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2015,” shows that Europe is the largest online gambling market, not only due to the amount of people but due also to the fact that governments have been regulating it for a long time (unlike the United States!). yStats predicts that the numbers of online gamblers will only increase, as countries such as Holland and Portugal are hopping on the bandwagon as well.

In the United Kingdom, France and Spain, sports betting is the most popular of all online gambling offerings, while in Italy, casino games are the most popular. In Russia, online gambling is officially illegal, but both illegal operators and legal advocates are trying to change that.

In the Asia-Pacific region, governments are much stricter about onlinie gambling. For example, in Singapore, all forms of remote gambling are forbidden, and in China and South Korea, police recently arrested a number of illegal gambling operators.

In the United States, the federal government has not passed any online gambling regulations, though three individual states did. Of these three states, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, New Jersey has generated the largest revenues in 2014. It is expected that more states will pass their own regulations, and there is a raging debate at the federal level about whether to outlaw the industry entirely.

On the other hand, in Brazil and Mexico, new bills were introduced to the legislature to regulate online gambling, but the legislation has not yet been approved.

In Africa, the South African government has no plans to legalize online gambling, though there have been a few public calls to do so.

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