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Ukraine B2C E-Commerce Market 2019


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Countries Covered: Ukraine

Pages: 42

Publication Date: 30/04/2019

Questions Covered in the report:
How large was Ukraine’s B2C E-Commerce market in 2018?
What are the top drivers and barriers of online shopping in Ukraine?
What are the newest regulatory trends affecting the development of E-Commerce in Ukraine in 2018?
Which key market trends influence the development of online retail in Ukraine?
Who are the leading E-Commerce merchants in Ukraine?

Key findings:

Ukraine’s B2C E-Commerce market shows growth potential

One in three consumers in Ukraine buy online

The B2C E-Commerce sales in Ukraine remain on the growth path driven by emerging market trends such as mobile shopping apps and social commerce. More than one in three consumers already make purchases online, according to a survey cited by yStats.com. As this share continues to increase, online sales are also expected to rise to a high one-digit percentage share of the total retail market in Ukraine.

Top market trends in Ukrainian B2C E-Commerce

M-Commerce is becoming increasingly popular, with around one-third of all digital orders placed via smartphones in 2018. Moreover, above 50% of online buyers made purchases via mobile apps, according to a recent survey referenced in the yStats.com report. In addition to E-Commerce websites and apps, a high double-digit share of Ukraine’s shoppers place orders via social networks. Fashion, consumer electronics and personal care products were the leading categories purchased by consumers online.

AliExpress rivals local E-Commerce platforms in Ukraine

Local E-Commerce companies in Ukraine are facing growing competition from cross-border platforms, such as China-based AliExpress, a popular destination for price-sensitive online shoppers in Ukraine. In late 2018, the two local E-Commerce leaders, Rozetka and EVO Group, joined their efforts in achieving a higher share of the growing online retail market in Ukraine.

1. Management Summary

2. Overview & International Comparisons

  • Overview and International Comparisons, March 2019

3. Trends

  • Breakdown of Devices Used for Online Shopping, in % of Online Purchases, 2018
  • Share of Internet Users Who Research Product Information and Place Orders Online via Smartphone, in %, 2018
  • Share of Online Shoppers Placing Orders Online via Social Networks, in %, 2017
  • Share of Online Shoppers Purchasing via Shopping Apps, in %, 2018

4. Sales & Shares

  • B2C E-Commerce Sales, in UAH billion, 2016 – 2019f
  • B2C E-Commerce Share of Total Retail Sales, in %, 2018

5. Internet Users & Online Shoppers

  • Internet Penetration, in % of Individuals, 2010 – 2019f
  • Online Shopper Penetration, in % of Individuals, 2012 – 2018
  • Online Shopper Penetration, in % of Internet Users, 2018
  • Share of Internet Users Who Regularly Purchase Goods Online, in % of Internet Users and in millions, 2018
  • Breakdown of Online Shoppers, by Age Group and Gender, in %, 2018

6. Products

  • Top Product Categories Purchased Online, in % of Online Shoppers, 2018
  • Breakdown of E-Commerce Sales of Electronics Products by Category, in %, 2018

7. Payment

  • Breakdown of Payment Methods Preferred in E-Commerce, in % of Online Shoppers, April 2018
  • Online Payment Services Revenues, in UAH billion, 2018 & 2019f

8. Delivery

  • B2C E-Commerce Delivery Revenues, in UAH billion, 2018 & 2019f
  • Delivery Methods Preferred in E-Commerce, in % of Online Shoppers, April 2018
  • Breakdown of Delivery Operators, in % of Delivered Orders from Online Shops, 2018

9. Players

  • Top E-Commerce Websites Used, in % of Online Shoppers, 2018
  • Breakdown of Traffic to E-Commerce Websites by Segment, in %, October 2018
  • Leading E-Commerce Websites by Segment, in % of Traffic, 2018
  • Top 3 Reasons for Buying Online From a Particular Website, in % of Online Shoppers, 2018
  • 27.ua
  • Allo
  • EVO Group
  • Nova Poshta Tov
  • Prom.ua
  • Sportmaster Ltd.
  • AliExpress Ltd.
  • Allo Ltd
  • Modnakasta
  • OLX Inc.
  • Rozetka. Ua Ltd

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