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USA B2C E-Commerce and Payment Market 2020 & COVID-19’s Impact


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Countries Covered: USA

Pages: 73

Publication Date: 02/07/2020

Questions Covered in the report:

  • How did COVID-19 affect the development of B2C E-Commerce in the U.S.?
  • What is the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on retail E-Commerce sales?
  • What are the changes in online shopping trends in the U.S. as a result of the coronavirus outbreak?
  • Which online payment methods were mostly used during the pandemic?
  • Which top 10 e-retailers are expected to have the highest market share in the U.S. post-COVID-19?

Key Findings:

COVID-19’s impact on online retail in the United States

The global pandemic has affected E-Commerce in the USA

The United States has reported more COVID-19 cases than any other nation globally, with a devastating effect on the economy. GDP is projected to shrink by one sixth for the first half of 2020 compared to 2019, and total retail sales declined by a tenth during the March-May lockdown period. The yStats.com publication reports that online retail sales, especially of food and personal care products increased dramatically during the same period, and includes projections that the movement to E-Commerce will last beyond the pandemic, as the online share of total retail sales has increased significantly.

Online sales of certain retail segments surged during the COVID-19 health crisis

As federal and local government told US citizens to stay at home in March 2020, shoppers turned to E-Commerce websites to purchase goods and services. Surveys cited in the yStats.com publication indicate that about a fourth of US consumers increased their online purchases in March and by April over a half of respondents had done so. Many consumers have moved to the click and collect or curb-side pickup mode, combining online and at-store shopping. The most sought-after products during the pandemic have been food, health and beauty goods as well as disease-prevention products such as masks and disinfectants. The online food and drink segment is projected to tally a percentage increase of over half compared to 2019. Stay at home orders and the closure of entertainment venues have also led to increased video streaming and gaming sales. Other segments, however, such as online travel and lodging bookings have seen drastic shrinkage during the pandemic.

Consumers have been patient with deliveries, move toward no-touch payments

The spread of COVID-19 has also affected payment practices and the flow of goods ordered online. Credit card remains the preferred method of payment for goods ordered online, though the use of digital wallets is increasing. Concern about cash as a disease vector has increased the use of credit cards in-store, and increased the interest in the use of contactless cards and digital wallets stored in mobile phones with NFC capability, according to sources cited in the yStats.com report. The initial surge in online orders in March put pressure on the logistics system, causing an increase in delivery times. E-Commerce seemed to take such delays in stride. Reports from early June suggest that delivery times have returned to normal for the leading E-Commerce merchants, Amazon and Walmart.com.

1. Management Summary

2. Overview

  • COVID-19 Impact on B2C E-Commerce Sales, June 2020

3. Impact on B2C E-Commerce Sales & Shares

  • Total Adjusted Retail Sales and E-Commerce Sales, in USD million, E-Commerce Share of Total Retail Sales, in %, and Change from Same Quarter a Year Ago, in %, Q1 2018 – Q1 2020
  • Total Adjusted Retail Sales, in USD million, by Kind of Business, incl. Non-Store Retailers, and Change from 2019, in %, March 2020-May 2020
  • Consumer Spending Forecast, incl. Real Consumer Spending Change, by Type of Goods, Net Household Wealth, Unemployment Rate, and Consumer Price Index, 2019 – 2025f
  • Total Retail Sales Growth Forecast, by Pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19 Forecasts, 2019 – 2022f
  • Total Retail Sales, in USD billion, and Year-on-Year Change, in %, 2018 – 2022f
  • Retail E-Commerce Sales Growth Forecast, by Pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19 Forecasts, 2019 – 2022f
  • Retail E-Commerce Sales, in USD billion, and Year-on-Year Change, in %, 2018 – 2022f
  • E-Commerce Share of Total Sales Forecast, by Pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19 Forecasts, 2019 – 2022f

4. Impact on Online Shoppers

  • Share of Consumers Shopping Online More Frequently as A Result of The Coronavirus Outbreak, in %, March 2020
  • Breakdown of Changes in Online Shopping Due To The COVID-19 Outbreak, March 2020 & April 2020
  • Change in Online and In-Store Shopping Following COVID-19, in % of Consumers, by Generation, June 2020
  • Share of Consumers Planning to Purchase Essential Goods Online After COVID-19, by Generation, in %, May 2020
  • Breakdown of Expected Increase/Decrease in Online Shopping Post-COVID-19 Compared to Before, by Grocery and Non-Grocery, in % of Consumers, April/May 2020

5. Impact on B2C E-Commerce Product Segments & Online Verticals

  • Product Categories Purchased Online During The COVID-19 Outbreak, in % of Online Shoppers, April 2020
  • Top 2 Product Categories by Retail E-Commerce Sales Growth Amid COVID-19, in %, by Pre-COVID-19 Forecast and COVID-19 Forecast, in %, 2020f vs. 2019
  • Share of Adults Purchasing Selected Product Categories Online, by Before COVID-19 and After COVID-19, in %, June 2020
  • Net Purchase Intent During Coronavirus Pandemic Over the Next Two Weeks, By Selected Categories, By Online And In-Store, in Percentage Points, March 30 – April 5, 2020
  • Overview of COVID-19 Impact on Digital Gaming and OTT Services, June 2020
  • Overview of COVID-19 Impact on Fashion & Food Delivery, June 2020
  • Overview of COVID-19 Impact on Online Groceries, June 2020, and Share of Consumers Purchased Groceries Online, in %, March 2020
  • Selected Digital Activities Conducted More Often Or Tried For the First Time Since the COVID-19 Outbreak, in % of Adults, June 2020
  • Share of Adults Who Plan Increase or Decrease Their Use of Selected Activities, incl. Shopping Online for Groceries and Non-Groceries After COVID-19 Compared to Before, in %, June 2020
  • Share of Adults Who Just Started Using or Are Using Selected Food Delivery Offers More Following The Outbreak, in %, June 2020
  • Expected Change in Preference for Food Services Due to COVID-19 Outbreak, in % of Consumers, Week Ending March 6 & Week Ending March 13, 2020
  • Breakdown of Changes in Online Food Shopping Behaviors Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, in % of Grocery Shoppers, March 2020
  • Change in Number of Downloads of Selected Grocery Delivery Apps, in %, Mid-March 2020 Compared to February 2020
  • Overview of COVID-19 Impact on Online Travel, June 2020 and Online Travel Sales, 2018-2022f

6. Impact on Cross-Border & Omnichannel Shopping

  • Overview of Changes in Cross-Border Online Shopping During COVID-19, April 2020
  • Change in Usage of Selected Omnichannel and Contactless Shopping Methods Since COVID-19, in % of Consumers, May 2020

7. Impact on Online Payment

  • E-Commerce Payment Methods Most Used And Used For The First Time During The COVID-19 Outbreak, in % of Online Shoppers, April 2020
  • COVID-19-Related Fraud Losses, in USD million, and Number of Reported Cases, by Top 5 Complaint Categories and Total, January 1 – June 8, 2020
  • Payment Methods In The COVID-19-Related Fraud, incl. Losses, in USD million, and Number of Reported Cases, January 1 – June 8, 2020
  • Precautions Taken by Consumers Due To COVID-19 When Shopping In-Store, in % of Consumers, March 2020
  • Perceived Importance of the Contactless Feature in Credit Cards, in % of Consumers, by Pre COVID-19 and on March 3, 2020
  • Consumers Who Tried Contactless Payments for the First Time During The Pandemic, in % of All Consumers, and Consumers Who Would Keep Using Contactless Payments After The Pandemic, in % of First-Time Users, March 2020
  • Share of SMBs Seeing an Increase in Contactless Payments Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, in %, March 2020
  • Number of Proximity Mobile Payment Users, in millions, and Penetration, in % of Smartphone Users, 2018- 2023f
  • Breakdown of Payment Methods Used With Digital Wallets, by Credit Card, Debit Card and Bank Account, in % of Users, 2019
  • Types of Payments Made via Mobile Payment Apps, in % of Mobile Payment App Users, January 2020
  • Reasons for Not Using Mobile Payment Apps, in % of Internet Users Who Do Not Use Mobile Payment Apps, January 2020

8. Impact on B2C E-Commerce Delivery

  • COVID-19 Impact on E-Commerce Delivery, June 2020, and Share of Adults Who Used Contactless Delivery, by Generation, in %, May 2020
  • Top 3 E-Commerce Delivery Methods Used Since The COVID-19 Outbreak, in % of Online Shoppers, May 2020
  • Share of Online Shoppers Willing to Give Retailers More Time to Deliver Items, in %, April 2020

9. Impact on B2C E-Commerce Players

  • COVID-19 Impact on Top 2 B2C E-Commerce Companies, June 2020
  • Online Merchants Purchased From During COVID-19 Outbreak, in % of Online Shoppers, April 2020
  • Top 10 Retailers by E-Commerce Market Share, in %, 2020f (Post-COVID Forecast)
  • Share of Adults Who Shopped on a New Website Since COVID-19, by Basics and Non-Basics, and Who Intend to Continue, in %, June 2020
  • Airbnb Inc.
  • Amazon.com Inc
  • Best Buy Co Inc.
  • Instacart Inc.
  • Netflix Inc.
  • Uber Technologies Inc.
  • Walmart Inc.
  • eBay Inc

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