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Shipping: Fast, Free, Global

Another thing to be reconsidered is what kind of shipping is offered. 2014 will bring luck and big profit to those who prefer to ship quickly, globally and free of charge. Global shipping is yet a growing trend, but it’s going to be a great hit in a few years so you’d better get prepared.

According to yStats.com that specializes in research on international markets by 2015 the amount of cross order shopping in the European Union will reach 20%. And the success of this year China’s Singles’ Day (analogue for American yber Monday) with its $5.7 billion revenue shows that selling globally might earn you good money.

Free and fast shipping will be a cherry on top of the products offered. And current market situation shows that in 2014 it would be a competitive advantage you don’t want to refuse.

Find out more:   https://amasty.com/media/downloads/e-book-e-commerce-trends-for-2014.pdf

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