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Global Online Gambling Facing New Regulations and Steady Growth 

A steady growth and new regulations on universal level are mirrored in global online gambling according to the latest research of yStats.

A steady growth and new regulations on universal level are mirrored in global online gambling according to the latest research of Hamburg-based business intelligence company yStats.

They released a publication about Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2015 which showed that the gambling is increasing worldwide without exception and with government moving to regulate the practice. The use of mobile devices in online gambling and accessing online casinos has increased and this led to the consolidation of the companies offering this type of service.

The global market for online gambling is calculated to maintain one-digit growth rate over the period of four years. At this rate it is expected that these numbers will reach a double-digit number and that the revenue will go as high as several billion euros. Some online casino websites report the increase of shares due to the use of mobile devices and gambling search words which are originally originating from phones and tablets.

Yet another factor in this growth spurt are the acquisition deals like Canada’s Amaya Gaming Group acquiring PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. The performace of the leading companies in this industry varied last year where William Hill Casino and Paddy Power Casino showed substantial growth rate in revenues of +20%.

European online gambling markets

The largest online gambling market in the world was in Europe where the majority of countries had regulated rules. However, this number is rising due to countries like Netherlands which adopted new gambling rules such as pursuing additional tax revenues.

he UK, France and Spain there was a spurt of sports betting which formed an integral part of online gambling in 2014. On the other hand, Italy was outran by casino games and in Germany the co-existence of split regimes in Schleswig-Holstein and rest of the country was supported by ECI in 2014.

Pacific-Asian online gambling market

In this whole story, Russia kept online gambling illegal but there was a separate regime formed for online casinos under self-regulatory organizations ad the nature of online poker was strongly debated. In the Asia-Pacific region thing are somewhat different and some of the governments went all the way in the context of limiting online gambling.

Singapore banned all forms of online gambling under new 2015 regulations, and as far as China and South Korea goes, the government apprehended a number of those who decided to organize any kind of illegal gambling websites. In Australia, things are more liberal in this department. Foreign companies are particularly fascinated by the interactive betting sector.

In the whole of the USA only three states allow online casinos and gambling in general. However, more countries are expected to adopt rules that will allow revenues to continue growing. Both Brazil and Mexico new bills went through for the regulation of online gambling but these bills are still waiting for approval.

Meanwhile on the African continent, the regional leader in land-based gambling revenues declared early in 2015 that the South African government has no plans to legalize online gambling despite the pleas to do so.

About yStats

The company yStats was formed in 2005 in Hamburg, Germany and is one of the leading market research companies. They tend to provide up-to-date information and objective data to sector-leading companies worldwide. Their market reports mainly base on online retail and payments but also topics related to various forms of e-commerce, m-commerce, and online gaming.

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